29.06.2018.   On July 1, CGATES will launch Setanta Sports, which will be available in Thematic Package.

28.05.2018.   Redlight HD will be available for the customers of LEVIKOM from June 1.

07.05.2018.   On June 1, Lithuanian operator MAGNETUKAS UAB will launch three channels – Viasat History, Kidzone TV, Filmzone – which will be available for the subscribers of Basic Package.

28.04.2018.   This spring, Estonian operator TALVAKAS will launch Kidzone TV, Filmzone, Viasat History, Viasat Nature and Viasat Explore. All channels will be available for the subscribers of Cable Basic Package.

28.04.2018.   On May 1, TELIA EESTI will launch MyZen TV, which will be available for the subscribers of IPTV Extended Basic Package, IPTV Thematic Sport Package and OTT Basic Package, as well as on an a la carte bases.

24.04.2018.   On May 1, Lithuanian operator INIT will launch two kids channels, Smartzone HD and Kidzone+ HD, for the subscribers of digital basic and thematic packages, and historical costume drama channel Epic Drama for the subscribers of digital extended package.

04.04.2018.   TELIA LIETUVA has launched Viasat HistoryViasat Explore and Viasat Nature History HD.

01.04.2018.   Latvian operator ERIKA UN CO LTD will launch today Viasat History and Viasat Explore.

31.03.2018.   Latvian operator BALTICOM will launch tomorrow three kids channels, among which are already well-known Kidzone TV and Kidzone+ for younger viewers and a brand new channel called Smartzone for teenagers. Moreover, the whole family can now watch funny movies on VIP Comedy, and learn about history, nature and life hacks on factual channels Viasat History HD,  Viasat Nature and Viasat Explore, or follow the life of great historical characters on costume drama channel Epic Drama.

13.03.2018.   TELENET will launch today Sony Channel and Sony Turbo.

05.03.2018.   TELIA EESTI will launch Viasat History, Viasat ExploreViasat Nature and VIP Comedy on April 1, and MyZen on July 1.

01.03.2018.   In addition to kids channels Kidzone TV and Kidzone+ HD, LMT young subscribers in Latvia can now watch a brand new channel Smartzone, which is made specially for teenagers, whereas the fans of costume dramas can now live the lives and feel the passions of great historical characters on Epic Drama.

09.02.2018.    On Estonian Independence Day, February 24, LEVIKOM will launch two new Estonian channels – Eesti Kanal and Eesti Kanal Pluss – to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. In addition, Viasat History, Viasat ExploreViasat Nature and Epic Drama will be launched in the beginning of April.

01.02.2018.    In addition to Viasat Explore HD and Viasat History HD, which were launched in October, SKATVIS now offers Viasat Nature to the subscribers.

23.01.2018.   In the beginning of February, STARNET will launch Sony ChannelSony Turbo and Setanta Sports.

16.01.2018.   On February 1, CGATES will launch a brand new channel called Smartzone, which is made specially for teenagers.

10.01.2018.   Lithuanian operator ILORA will launch today VIP Comedy.

02.01.2018.   In addition to VIP Comedy, MANO KAMANE and IGNALINOS TELEVIZIJA subscribers will be able to watch Epic Drama from January 15, 2018.

02.01.2018.  VIP Comedy will be launched on following Lithuanian platforms on January 15, 2018: IGNALINOS TELEVIZIJA, HORDA, MANO KAMANE, MARSATAS and PATRIMPAS. Epic Drama will be available on MANO KAMANE and

30.12.2017.    Lithuanian operators J. JARNO VILNIAUS RADIJO STUDIJA HANSA and VILTUVA will launch three movie channels on January 1: VIP ComedyFilmzone and Filmzone+.

01.11.2017.    Latvian operator ELEKTRONS S will launch today VIP Comedy

31.10.2017.    TELIA EESTI will soon launch new channel called Epic Drama.

21.10.2017.    Lithuanian operator INIT will soon launch Stingray iConcerts.

15.10.2017.    Lithuanian operator CGATES will launch VIP Comedy  and Viasat History.

02.10.2017.    SKATVIS has launched Viasat Explore HD and Viasat History HD. SCINTILLA has launched Viasat Explore, Viasat History and TV1000 Comedy HD.

01.10.2017.    Estonian operator TT NETWORKS will launch today documentary channels Viasat History, Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature. Latvian operator ARDI will launch Viasat History and Viasat Explore, and another Latvian operator SCINTILLA will launch Viasat Nature.

10.08.2017.  Lithuanian operator MANO KAMANE has already launched Viasat History, Viasat Explore, TV1000 and TV1000 Russian Kino, and will soon launch TV1000 Action.

24.07.2017.  Lithuanian operator BALTICUM TV has launched Kidzone TV. In addition, Kidzone+, Filmzone and Filmzone+ HD will be launched soon.

14.07.2017.  LIPTA will launch following channels: Viasat Nature, Viasat Explore, Viasat History, TV1000 Comedy HD, Kidzone TV, Kidzone+, Filmzone, Filmzone+, Sony Channel, Sony Turbo, Setanta Sports, FIGHT SPORTS, Fuel TV, MyZenThe Q You, Duck TV, Chilled and Travelxp.

19.07.2017.  Latvian operator TELENET has launched Kidzone TV. In addition, TV1000 Action, Viasat Nature HD, Viasat Explore HD and TV1000 Comedy HD will be launched in August.

02.07.2017. Latvian operator SMART TV has launched following channels: Kidzone TV, Filmzone, Filmzone+ HD, Viasat Explore HD and Viasat Nature History HD.

30.06.2017.  Latvian operator L.A.T. will launch Viasat History HD, Viasat Explore HD, Viasat Nature and TV1000 Comedy HD on July 1st 2017.

22.06.2017.  On July 1st 2017, Estonian biggest cable network operator STARMAN will launch factual channels Viasat Nature, Viasat History and Viasat Explore, kids channels Kidzone TV and Kidzone+, movie channels Filmzone and TV1000, sports channel Setanta Sports, and entertainment channels Sony Channel and Sony Turbo.

14.06.2017.  Latvian operator OSTKOM will soon launch TV1000 Comedy HD.

01.06.2017.  Lithuanian operator AVVA has launched Viasat History, Viasat Explore, Viasat Nature and Setanta Sports HD.

02.05.2017. Latvian operator BALTICOM has launched TV channels MyZen and Luxe TV.

20.04.2017.  Lithuanian operator HORDA will soon launch KidzoneSony Channel and Filmzone.

18.04.2017.  Setanta Sports will be launched on following Latvian platforms: TELENET and BALTIJAS MEDIJU ALIANSE

01.04.2017.  TELIA LIETUVA has launched Kidzone+ HD, Duck TV HD and Setanta Sports HD.

31.03.2017.  Latvian operator OSTKOM will launch Viasat History HD on February 1st 2017.

31.03.2017.  Estonian operator STV will soon launch Setanta SportsViasat History and Viasat Explore.

23.03.2017.  WIDE MEDIA is 12!

02.03.2017.  Latvian operator BALTICOM will soon launch Sony Channel and Sony Turbo.

01.03.2017.  Lithuanian operator INIT has launched FIGHT SPORTS.

28.02.2017.  Latvian operator BALTICOM will soon launch Filmzone and Filmzone+ HD.

02.02.2017.  Latvian operator LATTELECOM has launched kids channels Kidzone TV and Duck TV, and movie channels TV1000, TV1000 Russian Kino, TV1000 Action and TV1000 Comedy HD.

31.01.2017.  Lithuanian operator SOCIUS launched Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Viasat Explore and TV1000 on January 1st 2017. Kidzone TV, Sony Channel and Setanta Sports will be launched on February 1st 2017.

31.01.2017.  Estonian cable network STARMAN will launch Filmzone, Filmzone+ and Setanta Sports on February 1st 2017.

03.01.2017.  FIGHT SPORTS has been launched by LATTELECOM, one of the biggest operators in Lithuania.

30.12.2016.  TV1000 Action will be launched on Lithuanian platform TELEVIZIJOS KOMMUNIKACIJOS from January 1st 2017 on.

30.12.2016.  TV1000 Russian Kino will be launched on following Lithuanian platforms from January 1st 2017: MARSATAS, PATRIMPAS, TELERADIJO HANSA, ILORA and VILTUVA.

30.12.2016.  TV1000 will be launched on following Lithuanian platforms from January 1st 2017: HORDA, J. JASIULIONIO IL KABELINE TELEVIZIJA, MARSATAS, PATRIMPAS, SOCIUS, TELEVIZIJOS KOMMUNIKACIJOS, TELERADIJO HANSA, ILORA and VILTUVA.

30.12.2016.  Viasat History and Viasat Nature will be launched on following Lithuanian platforms from January 1st 2017: CGATES, ETERIS, INIT, HORDA, MARSATAS, PATRIMPAS, SPLIUS, SOCIUS, TELEVIZIJOS KOMMUNIKACIJOS, TELERADIJO HANSA, ILORA and VILTUVA.

30.12.2016.  Viasat Explore will be launched on following Lithuanian platforms from January 1st 2017: CGATES, ETERIS, HORDA, INIT, MARSATAS, SPLIUS, SOCIUS, TELEVIZIJOS KOMMUNIKACIJOS and TELERADIJO HANSA.

30.12.2016.  Latvian operator ELEKTRONS will launch channels Viasat History, Viasat Nature and Viasat Explore and another operator SKATVIS is launching TV1000 Comedy HD on its platform from January 1st 2017.

01.12.2016.  Wide Media and new Latvian operator Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) have agreed multi-channel deal to launch 15 channels from Wide Media portfolio on LMTs new IPTV platform.  Deal includes TV1000, Sony Channel, Sony Turbo, Filmzone, Filmzone+HD, Kidzone TV, Kidzone+ HD, Duck TV, Viasat Explore HD, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, TV1000 Comedy HD, TV1000 Russian Kino, Setanta Sports HD and C Music HD.

01.10.2016.  Kids Network Television LLC has launched today premium kids-channel Kidzone+ in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Channel offers newest animated series together with daily long animations with full localisation in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian.  First operators to broadcast the channel is STARMAN in Estonia, CGATES and SKYNET (Penki Kontinentai) in Lithuania and LATVIJAS MOBILAIS TELEFONS exclusively in Latvia.
Wide Media is the exclusive distributor agent of Kidzone+ in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

01.10.2016.  Lithuanian operator INIT has launched channel TV1000 Comedy in its network.  INIT is the first operator in Baltic to sign a deal for launching the channel.  TV1000 Comedy is channel operated by Viasat World and offers comedies, romantic comedies mainly from major Hollywood studios.  Wide Media holds exclusive distribution rights for this channel in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

01.10.2016.  Lithuanian operator SKYNET (Penki Kontinentai) has launched today educational children’s channel Da Vinci Learning to their thematic package subscribers.

01.09.2016.  Today Latvian operator BALTCOM has launched Baltic movie channel Filmzone for its subscribers.  Channel is available for Digital Extended Basic package subscribers with original and Russian audio and Latvian subtitles.

01.09.2016.  Lithuanian operator CGATES has launched today Setanta Sports for its thematic sports package subscribers.

15.06.2016.  Wide Media has agreed with Lithuanian biggest operators TEO LT to launch educational kids channel Da Vinci Learning in their platform in Autumn 2016.  Channel will be available for kids thematic package subscribers together with localised SVOD service.

12.05.2016.  Wide Media and Viasat World have signed agreement, which gives to Wide Media exclusive rights to distribute its channels: Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Viasat Explore, Viasat Nature History HD, TV1000 , TV1000 Action, TV1000 Russkoe Kino, TV1000 Comedy, Trace Urban, Trace Tropical and Trace Sport Stars, to third party networks in Baltic States.   With current deal Wide Media became the biggest channel distributor in Baltic States.

10.05.2016.  Latvian operator EDAN has agreed a deal to launch Setanta Sports in its basic package from June 1st 2016.

25.04.2016.  The subscribers of Latvian operator ELEKTRONS S will soon have great opportunity to watch best channel for kids – Kidzone TV.  Channel will be launched on May 1st for all Basic package subscribers.

01.04.2016.  MEDIA CENTRS “KURZEME” has launched on April 1st additional channels from Wide Media portfolio.  Luxe TV HD and Motors TV HD have been launched to subscribers of Digital Basic package.

01.04.2016.  Wide Media and Lithuanian operator KAUNOS INTERNETO SISTEMOS have agreed to launch seven channels on their platform.  From April 1st can subscribers access to Sony Channel, Sony Turbo, Filmzone, Filmzone+ HD, Setanta Sports HD, Kidzone TV and Duck TV.  Depending of the channel, they will be available in Basic and Thematic packages.

24.03.2016.  FIGHT SPORTS has been launched in biggest Estonian cable network STARMAN and in Lithuanian network CGATES.  In Starman the channel is available in Large Estonian and Large Russian package, Thematic Sport package as well as on a la carte bases.

23.03.2016.  WIDE MEDIA IS 11!  Baltic biggest channel distributor WIDE MEDIA is celebrating its birthday today.  For that, we have opened our new domain and webpage.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!

21.03.2016.  We are happy to inform you, that Kidzone TV is now available also for Latvian network SKATVIS subscribers.  Channel is available for all subscribers.

15.03.2016.  Wide Media has agreed deal with package of channels with new Estonian IPTV operator UNITCOM EESTI.  The deal includes following channels: Sony Channel, Sony Turbo, Filmzone, Filmzone+, iConcerts HD, Setanta Sports HD, Fuel TV HD, Motors TV HD, Redlight HD and SuperOne.  All channels, except adult channels, are available in Basic package or through thematic packages Viasat Silver and Viasat Gold package subscribers.  Redlight HD and SuperOne are available in thematic Adult package.

15.03.2016.  Basic package sports channel Setanta Sports was today launched on TV3 Estonia operated web-platform PLAYPLUSS.EE.  Channel is available for all subcribers.

02.03.2016.  Lithuanian operator PARABOLE has launched Setanta Sports for all Extended Basic package subscribers.  Channel is available in HD.

15.02.2016.  Wide Media has succeeded to agree conditions to launch Kidzone TV and Setanta Sports in Latvian network MEDIA CENTRS “KURZEME”.  Channels are available for all digital basic subcribers.

15.02.2016.  TELIA EESTI and CSI Sports, the operator of FIGHT SPORTS, have agreed to launch the channel in TELIA EESTI network in February 2016.  Channel will be available for subscribers of  thematic Sports, thematic HD packages, soon also on a la carte bases.

11.02.2016.  Lithuanian operator TEO, first operator in the Baltic region, has today launched FIGHT SPORTS for its Entertainment and Favourite package subscribers.  Channel is available in HD format.

08.02.2016.  Setanta Sports was launched today in Latvian operator NOVA network.  Channel is available for all Basic package subscribers.

29.01.2016.  Setanta Sports will be launched in Latvian operator SMART TV from February 1st.  Channel will be available for Extended Basic package subscribers.

07.01.2016.  Kidzone TV, Filmzone, Filmzone+ and Duck TV was launched in Lithuanian operator PARABOLE.  Filmzone and Filmzone+ SD channels are available for all subcribers, Kidzone TV is available for Basic package subscribers, Filmzone+ HD and Duck TV HD are available for digital Basic subscribers.

04.01.2016.  Sony Entertainment Television and Kidzone TV were launched in Lithuanian operator ILORA.  Channels are available for all subscribers.

02.01.2016.  Latvian biggest pay-tv operator LATTELECOM will launch soon Filmzone channel for its IPTV and DTT subscribers.  Channel will be available in thematic Movie package.  Addition to previous launch, Kidzone TV and Sony Entertainment Television would be next 6 months available for all DTT subscribers.