Stingray CMusic


C Music TV features the world’s greatest classical performers as they have never been seen before, and exclusively showcases the very latest music-videos from classical stars across the globe. Replacing traditional long form classical concerts and operas with pop-style music-videos, C Music TV combines classical, cinematic and ambient music-videos with artist interviews, live performance excerpts and behind-the-scenes features. The format has broad subscriber appeal and is revitalizing interest in these largely under represented music genres.

Stingray CMusic is the only channel dedicated to modernizing classical music on television by presenting great works in a music video format.

The result: dynamic, engaging and award-winning programming that accompanies life’s every occasion.Original and appealing to all music fans, Stingray CMusic presents the world’s leading classical artists like you’ve never seen them before, as well as stunning cinematic footage set to epic music. All in a dazzling and exciting bite-size format.


Astra 3B 23.5 °E

12090 MHz V tp220

29900 MSym

FEC 2/3


Video PID is: 7301 (PCR embedded)

Audio PID: 7302

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